Meta World Congress: A Robot Waiter, Drones, and the Landscape of Light in the Metaverse!

Meta World Congress

Technology has evolved so much that the automation of many of the functions performed by humans has become “substituted” by machines or robots, such as robots for restaurants, which have established themselves as an effective alternative for a large number of sectors. In addition, progress in virtual reality has meant that people can experience and feel up close experiences such as the virtualization of the Paisaje de la Luz, an emblematic space in Madrid, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

These will be some of the exhibitions that will take place at the Meta World Congress, which began this Friday, March 31, and ends this Saturday, April 1, and which takes place at La Nave de Villaverde, in Madrid, and simultaneously at the Metaverses Uttopion, Legendaryum, Xave World, Evveland, Parqueland, and Hospiland. This congress is considered the largest technological event focused on promoting projects related to the metaverse, web 3.0, virtual reality, and augmented reality, publicizing the advances in these sectors and on facilitating contact between the agents of this thriving industry.

Based in Madrid, Futura Vive is a Spanish company specializing in social robotics, virtual reality, holograms as well as artificial intelligence and the creator of Metaverse Experience 360. Its technological projects cover the sectors of catering, hotels, events, health, and residences of the elderly. Some of the robots that are available in the company are Tokyo the Robot, Servobot, RunnerBot, and Clementine.

In this congress, the robotics company will exhibit the waiter robot, which has trays in its hands, performing demonstrations simulating its operation in a real restaurant. In addition, a robotic games area will be created within Meta World consisting of a domestic-educational robotics display and toys of the following types: soccer and fighting robots; indoor drones; UFO–UFO drones; Aerocraft drones; mobile robot in the car and the organization of Laser Tag.

Immersive Experience

On the other hand, this event will have a so-called Alvearium and Metaverso. pro area, where attendees will be able to experience the virtualization project of the Paisaje de la Luz up close, and the recreation of other emblematic spaces in the capital such as the Sorolla Palace, headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid or the exclusive room of BBVA.

This Alvearium project has recently been awarded by the Madrid City Council and at the event, they will present their first pilot, a sensory experience of the old Retiro Zoo, Casa de Fieras.

This Saturday, at 5:00 p.m., the round table ” Heritage conservation and artistic creation in the digital age ” will take place, where the impact that emerging technologies are having on the conservation and protection of cultural heritage and artistic creation will be discussed. In addition, the experts will discuss the ethical and legal challenges posed by the digital reproduction of cultural heritage.

Tickets are already available through the official channels of El Corte Inglés. For the purchase of a day ticket or the subscription, all attendees will be given a unique and exclusive NFT that will be activated during the congress and above all that will give access to another series of advantages throughout the year. You will agree to be part of the exclusive community of Meta World Congress that will be revealing these merits soon.

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