Apple’s Virtual Reality Glasses Introduce Air-Writing Feature

Apple's Virtual Reality Glasses Introduce Air-Writing Feature

The device could be presented in June of this year and would have its own operating system

Further information regarding the features and functionality of Apple’s virtual reality glasses is being revealed in advance of its June 2018 unveiling at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference. This new item from the corporation is already in its final phases of production, despite the fact that it was previously said that it wouldn’t be accessible in official stores and distributors until 2024.

In order to eliminate the need for customers to acquire extra controls or peripherals for interacting with the device system, the Cupertino corporation would be creating new controls and gesture sensor technologies in the hands and eyes of users. Also, Apple’s mixed reality glasses would have a feature that would allow “writing in the air” as a result of the employment of this technology.

According to Mark Gurman, an Apple-focused reporter, the company’s vision for this new device is that it may be used independently of an iPhone and that it can download material much like a cell phone. The text might appear on the headset screen of the glasses as though it had been written in the air, but the capacity to compose text using only visual commands and hand motions are still being refined.

However, Gurman contends that the best way to enter content would be to attach the glasses to a mobile device to take advantage of the touch screen and a more practical keyboard as this method of text entry has not yet been made completely smooth. easy to use.

It would not be necessary to set up the device with a specific application on the iPhone as they do because Apple glasses will have their own operating system, load their own material, and not require a link with an iPhone. This is another distinction between them and current glasses. devices with Apple Watch.

Apple would also be exploring adding various levels of sophistication to this device, similar to how the iPhone has normal and Pro models. The development or production of other models has not yet begun, according to Gurman. However, it is known that plans exist for a less expensive set of mixed reality glasses, which might not be available until 2024 or 2025.

Create apps with Siri

Siri’s capacity to write application programming codes will be another novel aspect of these devices, allowing users to give instructions and develop their own platforms based on their own concepts.

According to the American news outlet The Information, Apple’s virtual assistant would be in charge of handling user requests and would create virtual elements that could interact with those actually present thanks to augmented reality, while people would devote themselves to the creative aspect of application development.

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