New VR Releases for April: Quest, Pico, PC VR, and PlayStation VR2

PlayStation VR2

The launch of games does not take Easter holidays, although it does slacken in quantity compared to previous months and in a priori striking titles. On PlayStation VR2, for example, only Across the Valley and the port of Creed: Rise to Glory, and in PC VR the big premiere will be on the second episode of half-life 2. In Meta Quest 2 and Pico, the month of April is more generous in releases.

April 4

Creed: Rise to Glory – Championship Edition: an improved version of the Survios boxing game that will include new characters, costumes, and locations based on the third installment of the film saga, Creed III. It will come to Meta Quest 2 and PlayStation VR2.

5 to open

Agony VR: two years after being announced, the immersive version of a trip to hell only suitable for adults (and not for everyone) arrives on PC VR.

6 of April

Gambit! It may be the consecration of XReal Games as a studio. After the appreciable A-Tech Cybernetic and the successful ZeroCaliber, they present a prank with a single-player campaign and cooperative mode for 4 users. Meta Quest 2 and PC VR with cross-platform play.

Fruit Ninja VR 2 – fruit salad with swords and bows in the continuation of one of the most popular video games of recent years. Meta Quest 2, PC VR, Pico Neo 3 and Pico 4.

Kill it With Fire VR – Kill spiders in Quest 2 and PC VR.

Across the Valley – There’s no gaming platform you can’t be a farmer on, so get your farming tools ready for PSVR2 and PC VR.

Half-Life 2 Episode 2 VR: with this launch, we will be able to play all the main adventures of the saga in VR, so Valve no longer has an excuse to give continuity and conclusion to Gordon Freeman’s story. We deserve a Half-Life 3 in VR and we want it now.

April 13th

A Knight in the Attic will hit all Meta Quest and PCVR viewers with puzzles in a medieval tale of princesses and knights.

breachers: Cooperative multiplayer from the creators of the fantastic Hyper Dash. It will be released first for Quest 2 and PC VR. The Pico version will come later. The Triangle Factory studio does not rule out working on bringing it to PSVR2, but if it were to start, it would be later.

Call of the Sea VR: mystery adventure and many puzzles with Spanish stamps only for Meta Quest 2/Pro.

 April 14th

Aery VR – Dreamscape. Video game developer EpiXR Games continues to gradually support PC VR for all the flying adventures in this series, which can also be played in VR with Pico headsets.

 April 20th

Amid Evil: Retro-style first-person shooter game that draws on classics like Heretic or Hexen. It will be released for PC viewers and Meta Quest 2.

Tin Hearts and his toy soldiers will be released on multiple platforms including PC and PlayStation 4/5. It will have support for PC VR viewers and PSVR2, and there will also be a Meta Quest 2 version, but later.

With no definite date, we have the promising Everslaugh Invasion for Meta Quest 2, the free and for all SideQuest release of the VR port of Jedi Outcast, available so far only for Team Beef Patreons, and the celebration of Meta Gaming Showcase, an event that other years have been held around April 20.

Also, dead bait has a release date in April. It is a Death by Daylight type multiplayer (3 survivors against 1 murderer), but we doubt that it will actually be released on the 28th. Other possible releases, not confirmed, are Dead Secondon PlayStation VR2, The Last Clockwinderat the Pico store, and Another Fisherman’s Tale(multi-platform).

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