Vaca Muerta: Mixed Reality Arrives to Improve Drilling Jobs

mixed reality in drilling

Vaca Muerta represents a unique opportunity for the development of the country. According to official figures, it is the second-largest unconventional gas resource and the fourth-largest oil resource of this type globally. For this reason, the eyes of the world are there: between nationals and foreigners, there are 31 companies with a position in the project.

One of the companies that stands out in this place is DLS Archer, which provides its clients with engineering and innovation services for well drilling operations. Its most recent novelty in the market has to do with the inauguration of a Training and Technology Center.

This new space has a mixed reality simulator that helps to improve the safety and quality of the maneuvers in the processes. In this way, it ensures that employees are more prepared for the challenges they face on a daily basis and that they can be trained in a fully controlled environment.

The center’s facilities include a training room to access online training with technical-operative courses. They are associated with critical activities in the drilling, safety, health, environment, and quality processes.

From DLS Archer, they express that this inauguration represents the successful completion of their investment plan, which had begun in 2020 with more than 25 million dollars executed and destined for the transformation of all their high-spec equipment to the new requirements. of 7500 PSI.

Also, this change included changing the orientation of the tower to 90 degrees for offline operations. In this way, the company can provide greater benefits and increase the level of services in field operations for its clients.

Regarding the simulator, it is an Aqila Patagonia 3.1 model that incorporates the latest technologies on the market, which allow emulation of the operating systems of the drillers, both in the layout of the controls and in the requirements of the events to be represented. , as in the layout of the equipment and its location.

In addition, in DLS Archer they highlight the importance of the mathematical engine that this device has. Its function is to manage the large number of variables involved in a maneuver that interact with each other, following the laws of physics.

Another element that stands out in the company has to do with the graphics of the simulator, which, in addition to offering a view from different positions and angles, has the option of varying the time, weather, and geographical setting, as needed.

The hardware, meanwhile, has a command post with the layout of controls, both manual and touch screens. In this way, the machinist accesses the possibility of working identically to how he does in field operations.

A relevant aspect of the simulator is also its multi-operator option, which opens participation to more people, in addition to the operator. For this, each member must put on a virtual reality helmet, so that everyone interacts together in the maneuver that is carried out. This option combines mixed reality with immersive reality.

It should be noted that DLS is the Norwegian-owned Archer onshore drilling division and has provided services to operators in Argentina, Bolivia, and other countries for more than 50 years. With this new investment, the company is making a long-term commitment to its business in the region, focusing on the development of human capital, with a state-of-the-art training model.

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