Step into the Future with Mark Zuckerberg’s Mind-Blowing Mixed Reality Glasses Demo

Mixed Reality

Soon, Quest v50 will be launched with Direct Touch, enabling VR interaction

On Instagram Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, made an interactive video in which he showed the power that the new virtual reality glasses can perform, with which people can have better interaction on the company’s social networks.

Meta, the owner of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, announced for the past few months the inclusion of the metaverse as one of its most ambitious projects, and at this point, it has demonstrated many tools that will enhance the user’s experience on the platform.

With the one that is also mixed reality, people can make gestures with their hands, and it looks much more natural. One of the clearest examples is how this new tool is helping to make the new Harry Potter game, Hogwarts Legacy, much more interactive.

Mark On Social Media

He was browsing many social networks in different tabs while playing some interactive games that may be played when a person is relaxing at home in the video that the owner of Meta posted.

The fact that Mark was playing with some of the games that Facebook has in its part, like the basketball game, and demonstrating how he scored each ball using augmented reality glasses, on the other hand, demonstrated how mixed reality may function in this new digital age.

In the caption of the video, he posted to his Instagram account, @Zuck, he said, “Quest v50 will be available shortly with Direct Touch that allows you to engage in VR and mixed reality with hand movements, much more naturally.”

Meta Quest 3

Mark Zuckerberg has claimed that Meta’s next headset will be the Meta Quest 3, which will include full-color mixed reality features. The company’s focus on communal virtual spaces and the Virtual Reality industry may both undergo a major change as a result.

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that later this year, the company would release its next generation of headsets, which will be much cheaper than the Quest Pro, yet still feature Meta Reality.

The outside cameras on the Meta Quest Pro were upgraded, enabling users to watch real-time, full-color photographs of their surroundings. According to Zuckerberg, the Quest 3 will cost between $300 and $500, thus it will probably remain in the price range of entry-level VR headsets.

The Metaverse is a virtual world in which people can create a character or an avatar, and they begin to live in a completely digital world.


The Metaverse is a virtual environment where people can connect using a variety of tools to give the impression that they are physically there and interacting with all of its features. Using virtual reality glasses and other peripherals, it feels as though the user has been teleported to a whole different universe.

Humans have the ability to create characters or avatars, and then they can begin to live entirely online. The metaverse, on the other hand, aims to be a sort of parallel reality where you can carry out the same activities as you would in the real world today.

Meta expects that the metaverse will provide as many opportunities as the actual, physical world and that they will be able to launch their own companies there. It can also be used in practical ways, including in professional meetings when participants link from their homes to a shared virtual office.

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