Meta’s Quest Pro Glasses and Office Alliance: A Major Leap toward the Metaverse!

Meta's Quest Pro Glasses

To bring the metaverse into corporate settings, the new mixed reality glasses are committed to professional use.

This Tuesday has been used by Meta to formally introduce its Quest Pro mixed reality viewer, which will govern an open metaverse for which the business will offer various software development kits to outside developers and in which avatars of the newest generation will also have legs.

During Meta Connect 2022, the business unveiled Meta Quest Pro, a new viewer dedicated to mixed reality that was developed as a result of the knowledge gained from using the VR Quest 2 helmet. The new proposal aims for a seamless transition between the real and virtual worlds and includes magnetic light blockers for deeper immersion.

Pancake lenses are utilized in this new headset, which has LCD panels that can fit 37% more pixels than the Quest 2’s LCD panels. These new lenses are 40% thinner than those used in Quest 2. Also, they have a 75 percent boost in contrast and a 50 percent increase in power with superior cooling thanks to Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR2+ CPU.

This mixed reality headset is paired with new controllers from Meta that feature haptic technology and 3D location sensors for more lifelike motion capture and interaction. A stylus can be added for writing and drawing.

Mixed reality is the next major advancement in virtual reality and a significant turning point in the creation of the metaverse thanks to Meta. Quest Pro uses high-resolution cameras and an RGB camera to capture the true colors of the surroundings.

The Magic Room, a mixed reality meeting space that combines avatars and actual people, will be accessible next year. The business will offer Movement SDK developers to help avatars become more expressive so that they can mimic consumers’ emotions in real-time.

Overall, the business has emphasized that Quest Pro is more business-oriented than recreational technology and is built for teamwork. Starting on October 25, it will be offered for $1,499.

The Office in the metaverse

To make the most of this team, Meta has announced a partnership with Microsoft. This will enable this viewer to access Microsoft 365 applications and games with Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) and integrate Meta avatars into Teams. Furthermore, secured by Azure technology, are you.

For businesses, Meta has introduced Quest for Business, a headgear pack (Quest 2 or Quest Pro), and several applications that will be accessible in 2019. This announcement was made in partnership with Accenture.

Avatars are heavily integrated into Meta apps, where they can currently be found as stickers, for example. These will soon be supported by Reels, as well as video calls on WhatsApp and Messenger.

Moreover, to offer Unreal Engine support in the Meta Avatar SDK for developers and make Meta avatars available in Zoom video conferences, the company will also introduce an avatar store later this year where users may purchase extra customizations. The body’s representativeness will also increase.

Users will be able to view other people’s entire bodies and move in virtual surroundings thanks to the addition of legs to the next generation of avatars. They will first visit Horizon, where developers will have access to an SDK.

New in eyewear Ray-Ban Stories

Also, Meta announced its partnership with Ray-Ban, from which the first pair of glasses, Ray-Ban Stories, have already been born. Ray-Ban Stories will have Spotify Tap, allowing users to manage the app and listen to music by touching the temples.

Also, as part of this partnership, Ray-Ban has started work on a second pair of spectacles that it hopes will serve as a portal to the metaverse this time. This idea differs from Project Naraze in that it targets those who work in the metaverse.

A web version of Horizon Worlds

New features have also been added to the company’s Horizon apps. The social network Worlds is creating a web version that, while it won’t provide the full virtual experience, will let you participate in social interactions with other users. They will also permit recording so that the moments recorded can be shared on the business’s social media platforms.

Next year, the Horizon Workrooms workspace will enable room joining through Zoom, and as of this Tuesday, customers can set up their own offices.

The Active Pack, a collection of accessories to use with fitness applications and workouts without perspiration getting in the way, will be included with the Quest 2 helmet, on the other hand. Developers will soon have access to a Fitness API that will allow them to share metrics with specific friends as well as view them in other applications.

To make interactions in the metaverse more realistic, Meta is also developing a new kind of interface that combines artificial intelligence and motor cues.

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