Virtual Reality and Allied Technology: 3 Ways to Experience Your House Before It’s Built

Virtual Reality and Allied Technology

From projecting the house in a large shed to going through it with virtual reality glasses, the new ways to make sure that your house is as you imagine it

Designing the house, you always dreamed of is not an easy task. The image that you have in mind when you think of your ideal kitchen or your room with large windows often changes shape when it is embodied in reality. So that there are no surprises or disappointments, architects have more and more tools that allow them to show their clients what the environments they are designing will be like.

Virtual Reality

One of the tools in vogue today is virtual reality. Through glasses where the information is loaded and with control in hand, whoever uses them can tour their future property.

In Argentina, one of the companies that entered this digital world was Codevelopers, a developer that has a diverse team made up of architects, interior designers, engineers, anthropologists, sociologists, creatives, and marketing specialists.

The company uses the tool to create video games Unreal 5, which helps to achieve realism in the images. “This is very efficient when it comes to thinking about a product and that a user can define how they want it to be because they can visualize everything,” says Sebastián Lorenzo, one of the co-founders, and clarifies that he is Matías Sukanec -director of Architecture Projects and Technology- who manages the technological part.

 “You can walk through your unit, enter the rooms, see what time the sun rises in winter, how the light enters, open the window, and know what the real view is at the height of the floor you want to buy, then you know how it goes to be well the property so you do not get any surprises later”, sums up Lorenzo. In addition, the client can also visit the common spaces with this gamification logic.

Another company that has also plunged into this technology is the Uruguayan developer Kopel Sánchez. This week, an experience center was inaugurated in Montevideo for people who want to know what the apartments in which they will live or invest will be like. The space has an augmented reality sector to explore all your projects. ” Visitors will have the opportunity to walk corridors, and rooms, paint walls put on, and remove furniture, all of this advised by a group of professionals from the company. “

This gamification of real estate virtual reality tours is a tool for real estate developers, which allows them to sell their projects in a more innovative way as well as save costs in the event of failures that can be evidenced in these tours.


One of the most important aspects of the house is the dimensions. What seems obvious in real life is not always seen in plans. For example, the width of a corridor, the width of a room, how a certain table is located, or if the space in the bathroom is enough to get out of the shower or open the door.

To anticipate these details, the company Lifesize Plans proposes a tour of the property on a real scale: through several projectors, they show the architectural plans of the house on large surfaces so that clients can walk through the spaces and test if the planned dimensions are of your liking. In the presentation, all the areas of the house can be projected, such as the different plants, the garden, the common areas, and the renders.

To make the experience more real, they incorporate real furniture and accessories such as partitions, decorations, and even walls to show the environment in the most credible way possible. In addition, clients can walk through the plans while they see how each space will look through a tablet that works with virtual reality, similar to the previously mentioned options. In this way, unnecessary walls are avoided and it is possible to identify which spaces are left over and which are not taking advantage of their full potential. At the moment, the company has offices in Australia, Canada, France, and the United States.


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